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Join the Artisan Craft Team!! 13,500+ Channel

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created 07/29/2017 1:33 pm by Artisan_Craft
Artisan Craft would like to create a recording group for Minecraft Roleplays. We have over 13,500 subscribers and are looking to expand. This is NOT a paying job, but you will get full credit and we will link your channel in all of the videos descriptions you are involved in. Here are more details:

Must be 18+ years old and older.
Have access to Minecraft on PC
Can run mods to join the server
Have Discord
A good microphone
Must be committed and be available for the recording day. (Recording day may be Saturdays)
and lastly....can improvise and follow a story.

There are several Roleplays we will eventually run as a team. Each team member will body act and voice their own character.

If you meet these requirements please comment down below. Thank you for your time.
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