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Looking for a experience Editor

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created 08/12/2018 8:23 pm by DrRedSkull_Gaming
last reply 08/20/2018 4:44 am
Hey Guys,

I'm looking for a Editor who can teach me on how to edit good videos, I'm starting up a YouTube channel again but this time I want to be able to make my videos look good. When I was in YouTube a few months back I was using Movie Maker that was on my computer, but now I'm planning to get Sony Vegas Pro to kick it up a notch. If your an Editor willing to teach me some good ways to edit videos, you can either comment or message on here or contact me on Discord.

Discord: Dr.RedSkull#0575

I would surly appreciated if you spend some time and teach me ways I can make my videos as good as professional YouTubers. If you message me, I'll message back as soon as I can from whatever I'm working on.

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08/20/2018 4:44 am
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Not an experienced or professional editor by any measure. But I did make this, I think using Vegas, some years back (try not to laugh at me):

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Free (and cheap) courses at Udemy are your friend!

2. For YouTube videos, you will need a 20-30 second (no longer) intro video, and an end card with your social media links, email, other links, subscription links, etc.

3. You must master the art of the keyword Obi-wan.

4. To find a keyword, look at other videos similar to yours, see what keywords they are using. Keep an eye on the search box. For example, let's play and let's play Minecraft are hot keywords for these kinds of media right now.

5. LEARN YOUR SOFTWARE! When you start out learning Vegas or whatever you choose, find YouTube videos or Udemy courses covering topics of interest, and watch it while you eat a meal or exercise or something. You will be amazed at how much this helps!

6. Transitions (between video tracks) are you friends!

7. Use the audio, let it guide you! In the Chipettes video I did, you can see how I matched scenes from the movies to the audio. You can also see this in my own intro video (just released) for my let's play series, Building with Bliss, when the lightning flashes and my text appears.

8. Bit-sized chunks! Try to avoid videos over 30 minutes. Wrap it at 25 if at all possible.

9. Outline your videos or series. Just a simple text document that sketches out what will be covered in each part or the video or the series or any combination of these. You want to avoid getting lost, falling silent, Ums and Ahs, etc.

10. EXAGGERATE! If you think you are being too animated, you are not. In fact you probably need to be even more animated. This translates well over the camera. Draw your viewers in, like bait to fish, hook 'em, engage them, do not let them go!

11. Invest in good hardware before software. To record Minecraft you really need a beefy computer, or else you will run into issues like I have of chunks not loading as you record. Ideally have an Intel i7 quad core or equivalent AMD or greater, 8 gigs of RAM or more, configure Minecraft to take 3 Gigs (I cover this in my Minecraft Configuration and Setup series), a modern video card no more than 2 years old if at all possible, although you MIGHT eck by with a 4 year old card. The more RAM on the card the better. Finally you need a big hard drive for all your video captures and editing.

12. Both Nvidia and AMD have good free screen capture programs that use your GPU (video card.) You want to use these, or some other program that uses your GPU. TRUST me on this!

13. Higher FPS (frames per second) is better. Check out the video I link to in the Chipettes video and compare that to mine. You want to avoid stuttery, choppy video.

I may come back to add more things as I think of them. Hope this helps!




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