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Looking for a professional animator

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created 01/13/2018 4:23 am by Raaveenn
My name is raven and i am looking for a good animator who can create my guild trailer. If you are interested in working with me. I would gladly take it. But i want to make sure your animations are great that is why i am requiring for samples of your animation. I do not need voice actors. So simple animations like black plasma is fine. Somewhat a music video introducing the team.

I could pay you with my price range or yours depending on the quality of your animations and how long your duration of creating one takes. And if i do love your animations. I might hire you in my team to create trailers, special events or even intros for us. I am only looking for 1min to 2min introduction for us.

Contact me through pms and we can dicuss more details thoroughly. Or you can dm me through discord.

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