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Looking for YouTubers to promote a Minecraft server!

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created 09/20/2018 9:37 am by zoobros
last reply 09/20/2018 2:51 pm

So me and my good friend recently launched "PentagonalMC" and we did our best to make it look nice, fun and unique. We are aiming to have survival gamemodes such as mcMMO based Survival and SkyBlock. There is also Creative with all the tools and selectable plot worlds needed to create something amazing! We are looking for a YouTuber(s) that would dedicate some time in our server and record survival series or a simple server introduction video. We accept ANY kinds of youtubers, subscriber count does not matter. But if you are well known or atleast get decent views we are willing to pay something little. We want to make sure to deliver as best as possible in our server. We are keeping the server clean, without hackers and all ages friendly. Our staff makes sure that everything is alright. Be sure to contact me on my Discord and to join the server. Everyone that will join between 19.9 - 25.9 will be given a special [BETA] tag that you will be able to equip anytime. If you came this far, thanks for reading :)

DISCORD - zoobros#3837


VERSION - 1.12.2

Best regards, zoobros.
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09/20/2018 2:51 pm
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Ok if you add me on Discord we can talk better on there


My name




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