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Hi everyone,

I'm Andy and I've been putting up Minecraft videos since 1.4 came out in October. Presently, I'm putting up daily videos that average between 20 minutes and a half hour long (though episode 100, coming up in a couple of weeks, will be a full hour - and it's a prank video). They're all in a playlist marked Minecraft 1.4 Let's Play - Nuintari's Server. It's a whitelisted multiplayer server so I'm not the only one on. The most recent video is Episode 86 - Efficiency Housing and can be found here:


I've also been playing some Feed the Beast and putting up vids for it. They can be found in another playlist on the same channel.

Finally, I also play tabletop role playing games and, since March 2012, have made videos of the game play. Again, they can be found on the same channel in different playlists.

Would love to get some feedback either here or on the channel. Thanks.


P.S. I've looked over the rules and THINK (think) it's okay for me to post replies here when I put up new videos. If that is not the case, could a mod please inform me? I don't want to break any rules.
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Newest Minecraft video up: GopherCraft 1.11 SMP Episode 50 - Horse Ranch House Part 2




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