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Minecraft SMP looking for more YouTubers

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created 01/09/2019 11:44 pm by HazzManBlamYT
Hi all I'm HazzManBLAM! I'm one of 3 in charge of the SMP we are currently in search of more people that would be interested in taking part in the SMP. Our SMP currently has no name so as a group that would be cool to come up with as a group. As the title say we are looking for more YouTubers but we also take in streamers if you prefer to stream then by all means feel free to contact me. The SMP is a Vanilla server with plugins which will add more and make it a little more I guess interesting. We just need more people to make it all happen there are currently 6 of us so far so if this interests you feel free to contact me I'll leave my Discord name below.

My Discord contact name is HazzManBLAM!#4130

Hope to hear from you soon :)

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