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created 04/30/2016 8:32 pm by CarrotCake
Video Explaining Things

Hello, I would like to speak my mind and make an idea(I will try to make it as sensible and simple as possible, sorry If is have typos or any misinformation Iv'e been up for 3 days.)

Currently 31 servers have been identified to be "black listed"
#Server that are Black listed, you will not be able to connect to them after the 1.9.3 Minecraft version release
The code on the website for Blocked Servers has been decoded

I want to say It's should be up to the server on what it wants to sell, I want to make it VERY CLEAR
Many servers CAN NOT stay afloat w/ the End Users Licence Agreement (They can't pay their bills)
One example is MunchyMC
They complied w/ the EULA and soon died after
You could argue, what about the hypixle netwok or Mineplex LLC? (I have no clue on how to spell "Hypixle"
Besides the fact they are juggernaut corporations and have a well established amount of exposure due to YouTubers
Ranging from any where from 10 to the thousands (Just because their not listed, it does not mean that they don't get promotion, There is also the ads on the various websites such as They can live on Cosmetic based perks,ranks and coins)

We are talking about the larger servers from 1,000 to 8-9,000
Usually ran by YouTubers or well know people

I will once again make myself clear, The End Users Licence Agreement may be nice and all but, it's an impossible Utopia.
Once again ... nt.125792/

Things to help, Beside your opinion on the YouTube channel "Drama Alert"
They Interviewed The owner of (Correct me if wrong) Desteria and the GotPvp Network and the owners brought up they same Mindset as I have

Why do you think like this?
Well I am look at this as a person w/ 2 and a half years of admin work, Building on servers and currently making a Large Scale
You bet this will affect me!

Let's Just hope this won't be another YouTube Drama Thing, but I think this should be addressed to Microsoft or anyone in power, Clearly Mojang is not backing down and has made their feelings towards the situation in question very clear.

Did I miss anything? New Update on this PM me and I'll be glad to update it.

Final Word here: I do not care if a server is Pay to win or cosmetic, It's up to the players what they want
They bought the game so it's their decision!
Please be Civil and Add Something to the conversation (Don't just put useless rebuttals full of hatered)

Have a great Weekend everyone and be awesome <3

Perspective of owners being Black-Listed or Blocked whatever term you like more. ... ts.144023/

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