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nbdCraft SMP server looking for YouTubers/Staff! IP:

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created 12/07/2017 1:23 am by nbdSteve
last reply 12/07/2017 4:41 am
nbdCraft is looking for YouTubers!

What is nbdCraft?
nbdCraft is a server that has been developed by me. The server has over 40 plugins which enable things like land claims, trails, crate keys, world guard and core protect to further prevent greifing! There are many more plugins which are specific to the other game-modes.

What game-modes does nbdCraft have?
The main game-mode on the server is survival which has mcmmo to make it more interesting, there are also weekly server events. There is also skyblock, there are 6 islands to explore which are all custom made! There is kitpvp which includes 4 different kits and a custom 50x50 map to play on. Lastly, there is a creative plot world!

Why would I record on here?
The nbdCraft community is growing everyday and it would be a great way to expand your audience! If you get accepted for YouTube rank (300subs or having recorded a few videos on the server) you receive YT rank as well as a lot of bonus claim blocks.

YouTuber Run
The server is run by me, the idea is that fans and subs can play on the server with you! Rather than having a server dedicated to youtubers, other players can be involved as well. I have a small youtube channel that is slowly growing:

If you are interesting in playing let me know and we can talk about ranks! The server ip is in the post title, I hope to see you online :D
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12/07/2017 1:59 am
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Negative feedback

Commands work great! some feedback though, to progress this server, I'd suggest getting a chat, and command plugin such as CommandEx, Another thing is I'd recommend getting a Enjin website, they are totally free and easy to use, click on this link to go their and permissionEx can be found here

Positive feedback

nice to see that i can't use other world commands in other worlds, kits from KitPvp was not over powered, I love the map for KitPvp as well, I'll definitely be coming on more often

If you need any help, feel free to email me at [email protected], or PM on here
Im quite happy to walk though permissionEx with you as it is an extremely hard plugin to start working with, but once everything is finished you'll love it!

Best of luck with you server ndbSteve

12/07/2017 1:41 am
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Are you still in need of some stuff, i would count my self as a very good developer, i work well with mostly every plugin, and i can code a little XD
12/07/2017 1:43 am
Level 1 New Miner
Yeah sure thing! It would be super nice to have a developer on the staff team :) DM me if you are interested!




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