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Need Information About YouTube's Dubious Status

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created 01/31/2014 8:50 pm by CK20XX
I've wanted to do a regular Minecraft series for some time. I have Camtasia Studio for recording and editing and I got a much better headset for Christmas too. However, last year was also the year that YouTube went straight to hell, and it's left me and many other aspiring LPers feeling like we missed the boat entirely. Throughout 2013, YouTube made a series of increasingly bad decisions that culminated in the Content ID apocalypse, and now people like me are trying to figure out what that means for our ambitions as LPers.

The problem, of course, is that Content ID is essentially a Maverick robot that exists in an era where we cannot dispatch X and Zero to destroy it. Not only can it not tell the difference between what's copyrighted and what isn't, but your options when it targets you in error are almost non-existent, at least according to what I've heard. It doesn't matter if you've gotten permission from someone else to use their music or material. It doesn't matter if what you're putting in your video is from the public domain, or if it's completely original content you created yourself. No one is safe.

I've had great trouble finding any evidence to the contrary. Mumbo Jumbo, for example, has been getting some of his episodes of Hermitcraft flagged when he's uploaded them because the system is just that stupid. So far it hasn't taken him more than a day to get past those false claims, but that could also be because Mumbo is a YouTube partner, so he has significantly more leeway in those situations while nobodies like me would just be totally out of luck. That may not be a ray of hope after all.

What I'm trying to determine is how at-risk I would be. If you're serious about attracting an audience, you need to put noticeable effort into your videos, even if it's something as simple as playing the Sonic 1 boss theme as you're loading villagers into an iron farm or playing a Game Over jingle after a particularly noteworthy death. If you aren't even allowed to do something as simple as that though and you can expect your videos to be hidden and/or your account banned over something that's barely a misdemeanor, then why even bother trying to make videos in the first place?

I'd also like to know if there are any workarounds available. There are no other sites like YouTube yet, though Dailymotion could be a good place to make a backup channel in case content on your YouTube channel gets blocked. Perhaps something as simple as doing more narration over music clips would help a lot too?
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