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Need a Minecraft Mod Reviewed?

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created 03/29/2013 10:25 pm by TheMasterofTrumpets
Hey guys!!
First of all, I am a youtuber and I really love minecraft, which is why I am posting on here.

The reason I am making this forum thread is because I want to be showing people the smaller mods that they might not see unless shown on youtube. So if you have created a mod and would like for me to create a mod review of it that you can then post around in other threads and such to get your mod out there, fill out the application below and I will check it out!!!



Name of Mod:
Creator Of Mod:
Version of Minecraft Needed:
Texture pack?:
Any Special Requests?
Any Special Info To Include:
Link To The Mod:

(P.S. The review may take several days to be recorded, edited, and uploaded, will send you a message when it is uploaded with a link.)

My Youtube Channel:
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