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🎄Olaf and Gingy's 🎁PRESENT HUNT🎁

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created 12/22/2018 9:54 am by StarSaffire
Found all 🎁FIVE PRESENTS🎁!!!

My favorite😍 server has a "present hunt", also has a new kit in APC: FROST, APC is a wave game can be played solo or with friends. Clash Royale has two new added cards, and FFA has a SNOWMAN class challenge. In today's vid, I show some of the spots where I found the presents.I included the links below of where I got the rig from in my thumbnail to give these people credit. Please visit the server and try out the games, if I'm there I will help you find all the presents. I wanted to edit this video more, BUT with Christmas only a few days away, OMG where has time flown, wanted to just get it out.

Olaf, FREE RIG for Cinema 4d, also was able to use a template of theirs for the "Frozen" Mansor
Olaf Rig

Gingy FREE RIG for Cinema 4d
Gingerbread man
You do need to register with them to download it

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