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I'll be YT partnered within a week!

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created 04/29/2016 3:03 pm by Voidacus
Hola planetminecraft! I'm the owner of the youtube channel Voidacus; ... zIiqwPna3g

And within 7 days when google approves my adsense account, I'll get my Youtube Partnership Program invitation from Freedom!™ and will be eligible to make money off videos whenever I decide to kick off! I'll be making 60% revenue from the videos I make. The suspenseful part is that adsense could approve my account in minutes or days.

Any experienced (100+ subs) Youtubers out there have any long term advice? Does anyone want to collaborate? What games do people want to see nowadays? Does my contract have anything bad in it?

Subscribe if you'd like and reply or hit me up on skype at zerodegreezfire. Toodles
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