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Recruiting For a New PvP Clan/Team

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created 12/26/2015 6:14 pm by RisK_OutlawS
Hey there! I'm RisK OutlawS! I am the leader of RisK! Now, Before I get into the details about why I'm posting, I'll give you guys some insight and background info about me.
Back in the day, I was a HUGE CoD Player. (I still play now, not as often) And I've been playing CoD for 5-6 years now, And throughout the Journey, I've been in multiple clans and such. My last CoD Clan, RisK, We fell out about a year ago, but I still kept the name, I just liked it. Well, now I'm bringing that "Clan" Aspect into Mc, and I'm Starting a PvP team! Just Fill out the short app Below and We can go from there!

Extra info before making app:
Once we reach a certain amount of members, we will branch out into Different "Teams," based on your strengths and Weakness'. For instance, I'm a LOT better with a bow than I am a sword, so I would be better catered to be in the Archer team, meanwhile my friend is a great Swordsman, but not to hot on the bow, so He might be better for the CQC/Swords Team.
Keep In Mind Because I might Belong to The Archer team, for Example, Does Not Mean That I cannot Use a Sword.
*It Is Not Required That You Change your IGN To join! However It would be Recommended So You Will Be Easily Identified With The Rest Of The Squad*
As Of Now, The Teams Planned Are: Archer,Swords/CQC, And Potions.
Required Info: *
*First Name:
Youtube (If you Have One):
Team You Think Would Best Suit You:
Any Suggestions To Improve the Clan/Possible Teams To Add On:
There Will be Leaders And Co-Leaders For Each Team, and If we get to a point where we Must Implement 1st teams, 2nd teams, Etc. We Will, and each team will have its own leader!
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