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Recruiting for SMP series

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created 10/22/2018 12:13 am by _MadScientist__
last reply 10/27/2018 9:10 am
Hello everybody! I'm the owner of a Youtube SMP series, and I'm looking for more Youtubers to join. The SMP is not just your average SMP either, it has a factions-like twist where all the players are split up into 3 teams, and each team owns a biome on one large main island. Unlike factions, though, the teams may not attack each other unless they are having a war, which can be declared in any way. The default terms of war are the usual "destroy the other team, but only the other team", but, if both team leaders agree on it, the terms may be changed, as long as they only involve properties of either team.

The requirements, which are quite easy to achieve, are:
- Must have a mic and do commentary in your videos
- Must edit your videos, even if slightly, to make them better
- Must be decently active (1 video a week is minimum, but 2 is preferred)
- Must be able to handle disagreements like an adult and not in a childish fashion.

If you have any questions, reply to this post with them, and if you are interested in joining, message me on my discord at MadScientist#6032

- Mad
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10/27/2018 9:10 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Hello i fit all the requirements and i would love to join my discord is Vixezio#8292
And i have 80 subs so i think i can post
10/25/2018 5:50 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Explorer
I woul be interested But 1. I don't have a YouTube Channel 2. Same reason as 1 3. I Would be VERY active :> 4. Maturity Capible I am :D Also I don't have a Mic
10/25/2018 8:22 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Hmm, ok. Getting a mic from somewhere shouldn't be too hard, they're in a lot of headphones and headsets, so maybe try looking for some around your house. And if your computer can support a recording software, it'll be pretty easy to just create a Youtube account for your channel, unless you don't WANT to record, in which case I'll have to talk with one of the Admins, as I usually take advice from him in these situations.




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