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Small Youtuber looking for friends to rec with

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created 08/27/2016 12:11 pm by JaydentheMiner
last reply 08/29/2016 10:14 pm
My name is Jayden, I am 13 (Mature for my age), And I am looking for 3 people who are funny, not afraid to be theirself, don't mind child friendly content ( I wanna have all audiences), are open minded when it comes to content, have Teamspeak, 1 person perferrably with a teamspeak server, and like to have fun. My channel name Is Jayden theMine (Space and capitlization) and I wish for my first video to be a X-run. Send Youtube and Profile Info and etc. to be selected.
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08/29/2016 10:14 pm
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Hey, I 'm kindof interested, I don't have a video yet but I love playing minecraft and everything! My youtube channel is called AvhynoGames. My Twitter @AvhynoGames
I'm sponsored by a GFX Clan. I have an editor, basically, i'm set. Message me on skype, andy69sanschagrin.

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