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created 02/26/2019 1:15 pm by Solespawn
Hello all! Just wanted to invite anyone and all to my Discord server! It's a place for any and all to get together and just be!

It's a very small community as of now, but I hope to grow it into something nice. I would like it to be meant for many things. All video games are a topic on the server though Minecraft is a big one.

Things that currently/I want to happen on it are:

- Just chatting and getting to know eachother.
- Channels for promoting your own content (YT, streams, art, etc.).
- Voice channels to chat with people while you game with them.
- Necessary meme channel.
- Suggestion channel for suggesting ways to improve the server and community.

It's not very happening right now at first glance but I hope that some of y'all will stick around and contribute to the growth by just hanging out! I personally am on it most of the time usually through the phone app, so there will usually be someone to talk to.

If you decide to take a look, I strongly recommend you stick around for at least a day or so. As I have already said/implied, it would be awesome to get this community started!

Here's the non-expiring link, and thank you for your time and attention!
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