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The start of something new

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created 01/07/2018 12:06 pm by YoItsKester
last reply 01/13/2018 12:23 pm
Hey guys I'm Kester I'm starting a YouTube channel! Its called Nations, Nations is the place were you get entertainment by mua, in Nations there are different types like gaming Nation, reaction Nation, random Nations, and many more. The first video will up tomorrow at 6:30 and then ill start posting every other day. I hope you guys love the video byeeeeeeeeee

OH WAIT. I forgot to say I'm start making role-plays so look out for that now bye

ONE MORE THING. I'm going to stop now haha. Please like my vid sub and leave a nice comment. IT BETTER BE NICE. laters
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01/13/2018 12:23 pm
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Hey guy did you watch my videos yet if not go watch them. Sorry I didn't post yesterday was busy but now two videos in a day wooo and a new nation opening win-win go to the link watch the videos and sub. IF YOU DONT SUBCRIBE ILL FIND YOU AND MAKE YOU SUBCRIBE. cya




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