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Website for you!

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created 05/09/2013 2:13 pm by gurre99
Hello my names Gustav,
ive been doing websites for a long time now for companys etc and now i will
make you a website for a cheap price. And i will make you a perfect website for your server quick and good.
One off the websites ive made is

What do i get on my website?
*Voting system for your server
*Moving banner
*Your own domain


Basic Website:
Cost $50 USD
Take 1 week to finish.
.tk domain

Normal Website
Cost $100 USD
Take 2 weeks to finish,
what ever domain you like .com .net etc

Extreme Website:
Cost $200 USD
Take 4 weeks to finish.
what ever domain you like .com .net etc
Better logos grafic and designe.

Contact me at [email protected]
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