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by spike43884 » 5/4/2012

... program will exit
WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE MINECRAFT.JAR I WANT TO INSTALL MODS AND MODLOADER HELP HELP HELP... (and do you place every mod in minecraft.jar and your skin you want to use in it pls help im sorta new to mods and whateva) help :?: :shock: :( help :?: :?: :?: :!: :!: :!:

lol you think this topic can have a spoiler if you read this your a derp olol (the rest of the post isnt me really in need if you read everything but this then your not a derp but you read this so why did i put this in :roll:
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by ZaphodX » 5/4/2012

At the login go to options and force update.

To find out how to install mods and change your skin, search Google or Youtube.
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by ranga_nator » 5/8/2012

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by Gemeye » 5/20/2012

I would help, but you dont grammar good.
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by ViktorAndreyev142 » 5/21/2012

I have the same error message. I tried what Zaph suggested and nothing worked. And as for Gem's response: Seriously? You couldnt take 5 minutes out of your time here and help out because some guy doen't use correct grammar according to you? Either you're a complete jerk or a troll, I haven't decided.
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by heartshapedBox » 5/22/2012

Usually people with cracked clients get this error.

So buy the game.
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by Potter2003mc » 5/6/2013

I need help too. Plus I have good grammar. Please help me.
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by Cipherus » 5/6/2013

Are you trying to open your Minecraft.jar and put ModLoader inside it?
If you are you need WinRar
And You change skins Via

Once you have WinRar Installed/ You might not have to install it i can't remember but anyway once it is set up.
Simply Right Click on your Minecraft.jar
Open with WinRar and drag the files from Modloader into the Jar and delete Meta Inf.

If for some reason you mess up you can Go to minecraft menu and click force update and it will refresh your minecraft when you login

Directing my Post to Person above ^ not the OP
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by sed11 » 5/6/2013

Read the spoiler.




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