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by TH3DoctorBowTie » 11/13/2013

Here's My Cracked Hexxit Server (Hamachi) Network:LoLing_0 to LoLing_20 Passwords:123 (DO NOT JOIN MORE THEN ONE NETWORK!)
Not Up 24/7 Need OP and Builders Its Whitelisted For Now
Need A Spawn Need A Tech And Ya The IP: Need Buliders Before opening Server :( No Rift Blades (If Found You Will Be Banned)
No Griefing.

Owner:AFluffyPanda Co-owner:13minecraft1337



To Be OP Or Bulider Be A Trusted Player (Help Noobs :P) And Fill This Out
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

First Name:
Why Do Want To Be A OP/Builder:
OP or Bulider:
How Long Have You Been On The Server:
Skype Name:
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by Eeirail » 11/13/2013

Moved to hamachi/offline server.
Please post in the correct forum section next time.
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by TH3DoctorBowTie » 11/13/2013

Ok Sorry :?
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by aquaprofile » 12/24/2013

is it still active? i'd love to be builder :D
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by Akajac » 12/24/2013

Age: 14 & 1/2
Maturity level: 9/10
What would you like to be?: Co-Owner
Why would you like to be it? : Because I like help community's growing into large one's. And when I'm not needed i will still help.
Are you good at configuring plugins?: Yea, I am very Great with plugins.
Building level: 10/10
Can you create plugins? Yes, I can create a various amount of plugins.
Past Exp:
Owner: I have been 7 times.
Co-Owner: I have been 5 times.
Head-Admin: I have been twice.
Admin: I have been 10 times.
Mod: I have been 2 times.
Trial-Mod: I have been 6 times
Helper: I have been 4 times.
Trusted: I have been 8 times.
Name: Jacob
Skills: Building, Chat moderation, Good with people.
Wishing to: Help the server move forward.
Time Zone: Eastern.
Lives in: U.S.A
Is available: 24/7.
Willing to donate: Yes
Willing to be asked more question's: Yes.
By whom: Any staff or superior.
Able to stay on server: 3/5 Hours a day.
Why else should i accept you: I am good with players, And i can advertise.

~P.s: Thank you for you time .
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