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by Bskillian » 6/2/2013

Hello everyone, I am Bskillian, Owner of InfiniteCraft. We have been a fairly successful server and we recently put a vote to our people asking them whether or not we should become a cracked server. The vote won, so now we are cracked and we accept all members of the community!

Here is some info in the server:
Great survival gameplay
Grief-free worlds and hard core faction grief worlds
A plotworld for a safe grief-free environment
A thriving economy
Player owned stores at the spawn to trade with other people
And much more!

We have very friendly staff who are willing to help with any problem (but remember to always check the tutorial again before you ask questions), and an awesome community who have heaps of fun on our epic server.

We also have Donator ranks for those of you who are kind enough to support us. Keeping a server running does cost money and every little bit is appreciated! These Donator ranks come with great perks and are well worth it!

If you want to find out more about our server, visit our website

or just come online! Every member of our community is respected and looked after as long as you do the right thing.


Hope to see you all there!
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