DeadMiners Server [1.5.2] HAMACHI

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by Bensters159357 » 5/3/2013

In order to join this Server you must have hamachi.
join this network: "169-992-191" and copy ip4 address from "Little_Ben"
If it is full join this network: "169-995-393" and again "Little_Ben"
If main networks are full here are more networks: "169-995-465" "169-995-518" "169-995-568"
once all these are full you can not join(we have enough for 20 players)! So join quickly!
[Mountain Time US and CANADA] 2:00pm - 6:pm (sometimes off earlier due to maintenance)
WARNING: you will be kicked from the network if you are not online for 20 days (other players that actually play should have a spot on the network)
We are strict admins..... be careful
If you have problems email us at [email protected]

Can you find the secret portal?

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