An unofficial STORY from the Portal/Half-life UNIVERSE (Mostly On-Going) By: C_CORP2002

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An unofficial STORY FROM the Portal/Half-life UNIVERSE
(Mostly On-Going)

By: C_CORP2002

"Its been a looong time…” - GlaDOS



When Chel reached the surface, Chel was taken away by the beauty of the field she was flung into. She looked back at the way she got there. She thought “Never again, will I go to that place.” Chel ended up walking down a straight, downtrodden dirt road that was near the field, until she was met with a forest, where this path faded into the brush. She sat on a rock, and thought for a while. “What should I do and where even am I?” Then she lost her train of thought, it began to rain. She trudged onward through the forest, realizing if she didn’t find civilization soon, Chel would have to return to Aperture Science for shelter, and GlaDOS would most certainly kill her then. Suddenly, Chel saw movement out of the corner of her eye. A deer! GlaDOS wasn’t lying when she said, “I saw a deer…” She continued the long walk to society, the deer darted away. Eventually, after wandering in the downpour for a couple hours, Chel found a small two-story cabin, and stepped inside. The floorboards creaked but it seemed sturdy enough. “This will have to do,” Chel thought “I guess I should stay here for a while.” As time slowly dragged on, the rain turned to a drizzle, and the drizzle to mist. It was night now, and Chel was alert as always. Now, the fatigue of the many years of fighting against that manic machine had gotten to her. Chel wandered upstairs, and found an old sleeping bag on the second floor. She sat down, peering through the missing roof-tiles. Chel slept for the first time in ages. Chel woke up to a loud noise, not unlike those of Turrets firing. Chel was jolted to her feet by a loud explosion in the distance. She started running out of the cabin, and towards the sounds trying to get a better look of what was going on. When she was on the edge of the forest, Chel saw a small skirmish erupting between two groups of people. One group seemed disorganized, and was quickly loosing troops, and the other group seemed far more advanced, and had little to no injuries. Angered by the carnage presented before her, Chel powered up her Portal Gun and fired two wormholes in rapid succession. The first landed right under the feet of an advanced soldier who was about to kill an unarmed fighter. The second portal landed on a large boulder with a flat face. Unsuspecting this attack, the soldier was thrown to the ground. He quickly got up, looking frantically for his attacker. “Oooh crap… He saw me.”, Chel thought. She ran as fast as she could from the battle, but when she looked behind her, the battle was won, and the more advanced soldiers were charging right towards her. Quickly acting on her instincts, she continued to run. Chel, desperate for time, threw a small rock. It clinked off of a soldiers helmet, doing nothing to slow the soldiers charge. She felt them getting closer, and could hear their footsteps. Suddenly, the troops halted their chase after Chel had ran for at least five minutes. Chel stopped running when she no longer heard their heavy footsteps. She was quite far from the cabin by now, and much deeper into the forest than she expected. “I must be getting dehydrated, I better find some water.”, Chel thought as she staggered around. She searched around for a while, eventually finding a large river. Here, she settled down for the time being. Soon she dozed by the light of her glowing Portal Gun – It had been quite a long day. Chel woke up and continued surviving for more than a couple years – growing older, yet none the less agile. She had never forgotten the skirmish between those two companies of soldiers, and wondered where either of them were from.



“This was a triumph…”, GlaDOS hummed, all was well in the Aperture Science enrichment centers. Tests were now being ran by GlaDOS’s newly promoted “Test Enhancement Construction Helpers”, or as some would know, Atlas and P-Body. Entirely unaware of the threats lying outside these massive facilities, GlaDOS worked tirelessly. The newly discovered human test subjects were given freedom to stay or leave as they liked, just as GlaDOS had done with Chel. Although, this lack of excitement was unnerving to the Artificial Intelligence, as GlaDOS had always been on edge ever since Chel was woken up, those many many years ago. GlaDOS had noticed an strange trend, almost always this occurred, when ever a test subject was allowed to leave the network of chambers, they never came back. Although GlaDOS had been certain that most were still alive, off doing whatever they did best, there was always a nagging subconscious thought, “You haven't gotten rid of anything…” This puzzled GlaDOS as what she thought deleted kept reappearing in her system’s files. A little file named “c@r0line.db” returned day after day, and it annoyed GlaDOS to no end. But once she deleted it, went back to work, and after nearly a day had past, it would pop up again. GlaDOS said to no-one, “Oh god what is wrong with me…” and returned to start another testing session. Eventually, GlaDOS’ curiosity was piqued by a particular test subjects resilience, endurance, and intelligence. He kept on outwitting each and every test design. Whether it involve Thermal Discouragement beams, or Turrets, he always pulled through. This reminded GlaDOS of some one… An old ally from the years past.



Chel awoke to a strange sound… music. But not just any song; this one made Chel shudder with fear. The sound of the Aperture Science radio station. Heart beating, Chel darted towards the river. "Has GlaDOS came back for revenge, after all these years?", Chel thought. Chel kept running until she reached the edge of the forest. She realized her mistake, these fields of tall grass were near where Chel left the facility. She raced back into the woods, only to discover a group of Walking Turrets humming the familiar tune. She ducked behind a tall redwood tree, only to realize that it was too late. The Turrets have spotted Chel. "Target acquired!", chirped one of the machines, "Where are you…?", another questioned. Chel felt the adrenaline rush through her veins, "Is this the end?" Chel got up and slowly walked out from behind the towering pine. The red targeting lasers immediately sprung on to Chels body. She was done for… or was she? One of the sentries spoke, "You have been summoned by her, GlaDOS wishes to see you." Chel, now curious about GlaDOS' intentions, followed the sentry robots for some time. After a while of walking, Chel heard a familiar 'ratatatata' of a firearm, followed by a Turret squealing "Ow Ow Ow… it burns!" Someone was attacking nearby Turrets! Chel, now being followed by the scuttling turrets, began to run. "Yippee… I'm flying!" cried a turret as it flew into the air, propelled by another explosion. Chel, running for her life again, saw a slow-moving, large, mechanised suit of armor controlled by what appeared to be a humanoid being. The machine instantly spotted Chel running at full speed, and launched a single grenade…

A massive explosion rocked the ground where Chel once was. Although a tad bit burnt, she kept on running. All of a sudden, BAM, a sharp pain rushed through one of her legs… She had been shot. Raw determination kept her going, but nevertheless, she crumpled to the ground and passed out from agony.
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