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Greetings newcomer, and welcome to the "Create A Universe With Other Writers!!!" thread! We are a group of informal writers working together on, you guessed it, a sci-fi universe, and we're always looking for new ideas, so feel free to share your thoughts here. If you need an idea on what we've created so far, here's a little summary for you:

Earth, now known as Gaia, has come to peace with all nations, uniting them against the extraterrestrial forces invading their solar system. This unison allows Gaia to conquer numerous planets, even stretching into other galaxies, thus giving them the new title of the Empire of Gaia. New alliances with alien races have allowed the humans to gather new technology and skills, the most important being the Living Crystals, a sort-of organic AI system that powers their weapons. However, the Empire of Gaia does not always run smoothly, so special forces teams are employed to help even out the discord in the empire. Even still, battles are being waged everyday against hostile aliens, traitorous armies, and other powerful enemies. It seems hard to be called a hero in these dark times, yet some manage to gain this revered title in outrageous acts of valor.

Our new Discord is now finished! Click the link below to be invited to the Discord!
Come join us in the Empire of Gaia!

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03/20/2017 9:54 pm
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Hey guys! Finally deciphered my old writings and recovered from the cringe. Now I would like to share my notable findings with you!

First, I have the Gorgon cyborgs, which are snake cyborgs that specialize in assassinations, often slipping onto the head of an unwitting victim before choosing a method of murder from its arsenal of poisons, a blade, or crushing strength.

Next, we have the Asena model, a wolf cyborg meant to pioneer a new line of powerful and intelligent cyborgs. However, this project failed, as the Asena model escaped and became part of the rebellion, calling itself "Amber".

The Hippocampus cyborg is a specialized model, the aquatic mutations alongside the cybernetic enhancements make this horse a force to be reckoned with, especially if lionfish quills are equipped. One of these models escaped and has become one of the leading forces in the rebellion.

The Tengu model enhances the already great attributes of the hawk, enhancing its vision and flight speed to serve as a great asset in surveillance and search missions. If it is so required, the Tengu model can be detonated if it has been compromised.

The Hart model takes the grace of the deer and combines it with cybernetics in order to create the perfect rescue cyborg. It is able to navigate wreckage and find any sign of life and can avoid all danger with its increased agility.

Finally, I would like to present the Minos model. This cybernetically-enhanced bull has the strength of a well trained army and shall be the key in restoring order to our war-ridden planet. An EMP ha been added in order to deal with any opposing cyborgs it may face.
03/21/2017 6:49 pm
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Quite interesting ideas...
My condolences, by the way, about your cringe attack. Good to hear you're well again, though!




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