Find the Button maps need to stop.

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Sordid started 11/03/2017 4:35 am
Nitwick replied 11/03/2017 8:21 am
It is quite often that I see people on this site posting what are referred to as "Find the Button" maps. If you are not familiar with this, allow me to explain. Find the Button is a sort of minigame wherein the player searches for a button and presses it. There is no challenge present, just the simple task of pressing a button. This is clearly the one of the laziest possible things you could create and as a result, there's an absolute ton of them.

If you were to create one of these tumor-esque maps, you could at least make it slightly creative. For example: add in various puzzles, traps, labyrinths, and monsters to fight. It's not that difficult to make it interesting.

I would like to hear some other people's opinions on these so-called maps. That's what forums are for, after all.
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11/03/2017 8:21 am
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Sounds like yet another mode cloned from a more popular server being overused in a bid to be relevant in a way that includes the absolute least work possible from the involved staff making it.
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