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I am Possibly Returning!

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created 05/22/2018 10:28 am by PixelTrainerZ
So. Remember that one guy who popped up 2 years ago that started making crappy skins and maps? Yeah, that was me. And remember back 8 months ago or so when I said I might be returning? Yeah, that wasn't true, as you've seen. I'm going to TRY to return back into the world of PMC, with better content. For now, mostly just skins. I don't need Minecraft itself to make skins. The skins will be (hopefully) much better quality than those of two years ago, about half of which were me just putting new outfits onto different pre-existing skins. As for maps. I will TRY to make them, but I'm having some technical difficulties with Minecraft and loading maps currently. So, yeah, here I am in my true PMC nature for the first time in 2 years. I hope you look forward to what I have to offer.

Here rises... Smash, from the depths of Britannia.*

*Code Geass is my favorite anime, figure I would throw something in.
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