Ideas for mobs in Minecraft 1.17 or later

LittleDino202211/9/21 12:59 pm
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Most of us are probably wondering whether Minecraft will add new mobs. There are definite mobs that have come to Minecraft such as the axolotls (super cute predators!) in 1.17, and the Goat in the same update, but will the fans get to help Mojang add some new mobs?

I am thinking of a mob you'd be able to fight or tame.

If these mobs were added to Minecraft we would have more interesting varieties of stone brick. The 'cave dwellers' would be a cute, stony textured troll (maybe you could help me with this idea?)These mobs would live in stone bricks and you'd be able to see 2 red pixels (eyes?) in the bricks. Upon breaking them these mobs would attack, killing them drops iron, coal and sometimes gold. To tame these mobs you'd have to drop redstone (I picked this because some people never use redstone, but could be changed to copper or something like that) near the blocks with 'eyes' in them. The 'cave dweller' would jump out, pick them up and either show dislike effects (black smoky stuff) or heart effects. When dislike effect pops up you need to keep giving it redstone until it shows heart effects.

This is a basic idea, but everyone at Planet Minecraft could help me with this idea, help me improve it and possibly some people may even consider asking if we could add this to future updates.

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