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Mario Kart Plugin Bukkit

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created 02/09/2019 7:46 am by JonasMush
Hello, Planet Minecraft users.
Sorry, if i disturb you guys. I'm new to this.
I wanted to ask a question about a bukkit plugin.
It's a plugin called Mario kart and the creator's name is storm345.
But when i load the plugin into my server, everything works fine, except for 1 thing.
When i join a race with my friends, i can't ride up blocks with the minecart.
(I also use the plugin protocollib and Ucars to ride carts without rails.)
I have tried to do something in the config files, but i can't find any solution on internet or in the files.
Could you guys help me with this?
I have imported so many tracks already and i don't want to do it for nothing!
I also tried and make contact with the creator (storm345), but he don't wanna listen.
Thank you for listening.
With friendly greets from:JonasMush

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