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New community website - Coffee Universe

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created 10/29/2014 4:05 pm by dungante
Hi there everyone and thank you for reading this post. This is more-so an addon to my original post about my Coffee Universe server that is going to be released fairly soon. With that being said let me explain to you what this website is about, keep in mind my server has the exact concept so they compliment one another. Have you ever been to a coffee shop and noticed all the gamers? People chatting, on their laptops, playing magic, reading books, jut enjoying life? Then out of nowhere the wonderful aroma of coffee smacks you right in the face. It's lovely isn't it? I would like for both my server and my website forums to be a safe haven for gamers; I want this to be a place where gamers can relate to one another and chat it up, the server itself will be very community based and I would love for the forums to be as well. Having a rough day? I want you to be able to come onto the forum and find someone to chat to that can make you feel better! Want to discuss everything about Minecraft? You can do it on our server and on our forum! Thank you all very much for reading this the website link is; Please let me know what you think of this concept in a comment below.
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