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Phantasmagoria Adventure: Do or Do not?

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created 12/16/2012 12:52 am by BoogyBear
Hey guys, Boogy here! Today I'm gonna be discussing this project I have wanted to do since 2 years ago, and I tried on my server, got griefed, and I tried on Single Player, but it's way to complicated... On my Facebook page I posted pictures of it, if you want to view them, go to this page : ... izard=true It's a "cool" page, we've just been inactive for a long time, hopefully we can be active if we have alot of Minecraft likers that like our page, but anyways, I have really wanted to for a long time, and I can't make a server (way to hard...) and I have no friends that have a server and want to help me make my project that I have wanted to make for a very very long time!

So I'm asking, anybody that's awesome here want to help me build, and film this map? And we could also do the adventure together. I kinda want alot of people, on it, like probably 10-ish or more. So yeah, please I have always wanted this, message or comment if you want to help, gimme your skype too, and make sure you have a Youtube account, and a good server that doesn't lag (that much)

Thank you. also Phantasmagoria means an adventurous dream.

Love, boogy!
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