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PMC Community Pack

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Hydrogenate started 03/26/2020 5:52 am
Hello Everyone!

This texture pack is a project of mine

Wherein people can do a huge collab

The goal of the texture pack is

To have 1 texture edited by 1 person

Basically a person can only edit 1 part of the pack

It can be a block, a sword, the inventory

Anything as long as it has not been edited by another person

Theres not much gain in this project

Except for fun and maybe free ads

If you can put a text on the image your gonna edit

I do hope you will join this project

People who join are credited in the splashes section of the pack

And in this description

And maybe in a future YouTube video

But for now if youre interested

Please do leave a comment

Tell me what youre gonna edit and if youre done

Well then dont hesitate to send

Upload it somewhere and then send the download link

Any resolution is accepted

Havent uploaded the pack yet since i wanna get at least 10 textures before i upload


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