DestabilizeMC; A Unique MCRPG Experience! {Update #3} 6/21

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_Frozetic started 06/10/2019 11:52 am history
and replied 07/07/2019 5:41 pm

A unique, RPG Minecraft experience.

DestabilizeMC (DMC) is my "in-the-works" RPG Minecraft server. I'm working on creating an immersive, fully custom world full of dungeons, monsters, and epic loot!

What is DMC?
DMC is a server based entirely on classes, leveling, and adventure. Currently I have four classes to choose from; Warrior, Archer, Mage, and Rogue, with more to be implemented in time. Each class has special abilities, weapons, and armor specific to each class. DMC aims to create a unique mix of items for fully customizable gameplay, complete with groups to make dungeon raids and wars feel more interactive and immersive. We're still very early in develepement, but I hope to keep all updates posted here and on the DMC Discord,

How can you help?
Great question! Currently I need a few things to make things run smoother, and maybe get this live a little faster! I need 2-3 more builders, 1-2 programmers/developers, and finally some beta testers for a pre-release test of the server! If you feel you could fill a spot here at DMC, feel free to comment below, or follow the link to our discord channel, down below!
Don't want to do any of that, no problem! If you have any ideas or suggestion for us, leave a comment!
I want the server to be a fun place for the players, so if you have any ideas, like plugins, weapons, armor, or ANYTHING at all just comment below or make a suggestion in the Discord!

Updates can be found here!
Class Structure Updated: 07/07/19

Join DMC's Discord!

Thanks for the read! Hope to hear from you soon!
- Froze

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07/07/2019 5:41 pm
Level 25 : Expert Zombie
I have posted an update and fixed the discord link, it's set to only allow 5 people to join. If I reach 5 and need more people, I will reset the link on the next update. Keep replying and messaging me, everything helps, even small ideas.
07/07/2019 7:02 am
Level 43 : Master uwu
and uhh. i have a question, will there be custom weapons? Or are you just going to use the weapon/item you start with for the rest of the game?
07/07/2019 6:55 am
Level 43 : Master uwu
Yep.. The discord link is expired, please make another one that doesn't expire
07/07/2019 6:51 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Discord link expired
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