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safest base contest

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created 05/23/2019 8:36 am by game_falor history
last reply 05/26/2019 9:56 am
i know you guys need a safe base so i decided to make a contest a safest base contest the 10 most emeralded bases can enter so check as much bases out as posibble say what i need to make next. rules: 10 layers max the time i take to enter is the score if there is a time waster/maze then you will be kicked out of the contest i will try to enter the base with full diamond armor enchanted with thorns (max level) a diamond sword enchanted with smite (max level) pickaxe with efiencency (max level) and all the cobble i need commandblocks are banned but they can be used to activate and deactivate stuff incase it is laggy then barriers and bedrock are banned to same for using the debug_stick
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