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Underwater Village 1.14 - Part 3

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created 07/11/2019 2:13 pm by Decca
last reply 07/11/2019 3:37 pm
Hello everyone!

I polled what I should do for my next video on Twitter and the underwater village had the most votes so here it is.

What should I do to this village next? Should I add something to it? Move onto something else?

What do you think?

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Level 30 : Artisan Archer

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2 replies

07/11/2019 3:33 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Architect
looks good but maye some wrong choose of block like for the paths and for the inner river the banks are still in dirt but really cool noneless ho and it s may be just me but the wall glass seems a bit arsh with all the organic theme around it
07/11/2019 3:37 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Archer
Thanks for the feedback I completely agree with you!

I'm not happy with how the glass looks especially with this shader, the one I was using previously the glass wasn't as standout-ish.

What block types do you think would be better suited for a path? I'm not great when it comes to the decoration really.

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