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Update the Mods!

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created 10/18/2017 6:52 am by -RuneMaster-
last reply 10/18/2017 7:12 am
Hi everyone. I had no idea where to post this so I'm just throwing it out in the hope that someday someone will read this who can answer my prayers!
I've only recently become a mod user, and I've fallen in love with a certain mod by the title of Mystcraft for 1.7.10. It's the most awesome concept ever, but I really really want to play it on a newer version of Minecraft! I'm even creating a custom resource pack specifically for Mystcraft, it just saddens me that I can't run the mod in 1.12. For the love of everything good and beautiful in the world, someone update it before I die!
If you share my opinion please leave a comment. If there are any other great mods that deserve the update they never got, let me know! I'd love to see what people think. :D
Much love, /R
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10/18/2017 7:12 am
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the mod creator for Mystcraft is XCompWiz, they are working on it, you can keep up to date on their twitter @XcomWiz or their blog

the mod is actively in development and updated, minecraft mods like this are massive mods and take a long time to update




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