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Any MMO players here?

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Jetra started 07/02/2020 2:29 pm
Figured I'd toss out one of these to get a general feel of the gaming community in general on a forum that's designed for one specific title. However, some or many of us get bored and often wander to different areas. Is your game here or do you play something else?

For Others, they can include games like Path of Exile or Closers Online. I'm not going to dictate what makes an MMO or not, basically use your judgement as best as possible.

For me, I play BDO, a bit, sometimes hop on Closers Online, Kritika, and occasionally Guild Wars 2 when I'm in the mood. I got myself Guild Wars 1 which I had put down for a while and hopping between a few of these titles. Too many of them require a lot of time commitment to really be enjoyable which is not in my cards right now.
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