Are Laptops Modifiable? *Need Help*

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RenegadeRad started 12/11/15 2:30 am
Azrath replied 2/12/2016 7:05 pm
Heyy guys its been a while!

Okay, so this might sound stupid, but my question is simple - Can you mod a laptop like a PC?

I own a gaming laptop worth $800 and I don't want a desktop, because I travel a lot.

I wanted to increase my Ram, Graphics and Processor to keep up with the latest gen games, as I just brought witcher 3 and it is lagging af.

So any experts out there? Please I need help urgent!
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02/12/2016 7:05 pm
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GJ guys for reviving old thread.
02/12/2016 5:48 pm
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Go for a desktop Trust me, These laptops suck, (Im on one atm And really really hate it) They overheat easily
02/12/2016 5:34 pm
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The only thing i can think of is getting a external GPU adapter for your laptop.
Considering ofc you have a solid amount of ram and a cpu, which are possible to swap out.
If having a GPU adapter, a 1x or 2x slot GPU and a small PSU in your luggage wont cause you too much bulk it should work fine. You can find small form factor PSU's that are smaller aka. non ATX. since you need only 2 or 3 power connectors depending on your card. Getting a fully modular one will save you alot of bulk (OFC you need the get the accurate TDP for the gpu u plan to use).
The prices on the GPU adapter are 50$ +.
This ofc means you will have to be in a hotel or near a power socket to use your external GPU.

In the other scenario if you meant gaming like in a bus or a plane then id say look into swapping parts on your laptop or just get a new one.
Im guessing there are larger battery banks with american/european "from the wall" power adapters but thats not my area of expertise.

Hope i helped
02/12/2016 5:20 pm
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Usually with laptops in general you cannot upgrade the CPU, GPU or motherboard, but pretty much anything else like the HDD/SSD, RAM, Cooling fan and posibly WIFI are upgradable depending on the manufacturer.

Some HDD's can be replaced with an SSD for improved performance if they have the same connector.

If I were you I would do some research on your specific laptop and maybe even pop the case just to see how everything is set up in your laptop to see what parts are upgradable.
02/12/2016 2:41 pm
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Only RAM is upgradeable. (and the battery)
02/12/2016 3:02 pm
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Not true - see my post.
02/01/2016 8:24 pm
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It depends on the laptop. If you have a socketed CPU and a GPU on an MXM card (interface for non-soldered mobile GPUs), you can swap out pretty much everything but the motherboard, screen, keyboard, and trackpad (assuming you use parts with the same or at least similar TDPs).

What laptop do you have?
12/13/2015 11:57 am
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Damn. My Laptop supports ram upgradation till 12gbs, dats gud. Any other tips and help?
12/13/2015 3:04 pm
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git gud.

Buy a new PC or by the looks of your style, new laptop. Would benefit you way more than trying to find how to "upgrade" un-upgrade-able, in most cases.
02/01/2016 8:20 pm
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Anything more than 12 or even 8 GB is almost unnecessary for gaming, however, if you're doing other non-gaming tasks though, you're still better off with 8 GB or 12 GB
12/11/2015 5:15 pm
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Depends how much you are willing to pay for the Laptop to begin with. Most expensive gaming laptops 3k USD or higher usually you are able to change Ram or Storage space. Sometimes, the company (Like Alienware) makes other Machines and sells them to make your Laptop more powerful without paying a new one. The laptop I currently have is over 5K USD and you can change RAM, Storage Space, GPU and CPU. The link will be at the bottom.

http://gaming.msi.com/products/notebook ... es?id=3461
12/11/2015 4:25 pm
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Very few laptops even support exchanging GPU's/CPU's. Even if they do, they have limits on how high you can go up, do to heat and power usage.

Also, buying laptop parts alone costs so much, I remember when the 780m came out, it was almost 1500 dollars, while a 780ti was miles faster and half the price. Haven't really looked at most stuff, but I see a upgrade kit for a 980m is around 815-850 dollars, when you can get a 980ti for cheaper than that.
12/11/2015 2:01 pm
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12/11/2015 8:22 am
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I don't think you can modify most laptops after buying them. My tip would be to either save up for a new and better one, or transfer your laptops data (games and programs and documents and whatnot) to a portable harddrive then wipe it clean and sell it.
Assuming you bought it a few years ago, the money you have for upgrading now combined with the money you might get back from it should allow you to buy a laptop of the same cost but a newer generation, meaning it will have much better specs. you could then also buy a new one with modification options.
12/11/2015 3:58 am
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There are some laptops that support changing out parts. But they aren't that common. You could look if you can exchange it .
12/11/2015 3:40 am
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Only add more RAM if its an option.
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