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Borderlands 2 class mod question

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created 07/12/2018 12:36 am by AGTRigorMortis
last reply 08/03/2018 8:36 am
Hi all, I have a quick question regarding COMs in Borderlands 2, an old game but fun.

I've been playing Handsome Collection with a friend recently on Xbox One and I'm in the process of experimenting with different builds with Maya. Which class mod is best for Siren/Maya?

Maya is my 4th character. I plan on using either Mechromancer or Psycho last.

I did some research and know of at least some or most of the legendary class mods, although I haven't gotten around to getting them yet, and I do like the Legendary Nurse buffs, but I'm looking for something a little more tactical and with more damage output. Legendary Nurse boosts all the survival aspects, but none of the damage related ones except action skill.

Would Legendary Binder do? until I end up with the legendaries I'm happy to settle for blue or purple COMs. Mostly either the nurse or cat ones and I like to interchange gear to suit a given situation.

I can use a cooldown relic to reduce the cooldown time of the action skill, legendary siren would be great, but it's not everything.
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08/03/2018 8:36 am
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It depends on your build and play style. If you like using SMGs then get a Legendary Cat, for sure. If you really are just using the Legendary Nurse for self-healing, then you might as well get a Moxxi weapon, or something. The Grog can be good, but if you like using SMGs then tipping Moxxi and getting one of the SMGs might be a better choice.
07/12/2018 12:26 pm
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`the standard "legendary siren mod" is always good(as with the generic one for all classes), its well rounded and vertitile, it boosts both her offensive and defensive skills aswell as weaponry, i personaly prefer to use them as they are easy and mean i dont have to switch stuff around

your favorite classes usually depend on how you want to play the character, depending on what skill trees you go down etc
07/12/2018 8:38 pm
Level 3 Apprentice Miner
Yes, but Legendary Siren has no regeneration or health boosts, at least not directly. Although the vastly improved cooldown time would go some way into making up for that disadvantage. However, Maya still needs to phaselock enemies in order for her Elated skill to regen health for the entire team.

I'm still unsure if that's my type of COM. I can see why regeneration boosts aren't in it though, it would be too overpowered if Legendary Siren did have + Sustenance and Restoration points in addition to the critical hit, melee, movement speed and cooldown perks.
I'll have to test out Binder first and see how well I do with it.

I suppose I could spend 5 points on Ward so I make her stay alive long enough to use her healing powers. I haven't fully maxed her out yet, it's only level 49 so still a fair bit to go before max level.

then there's the Digistruct OP levels to do beyond that.
I just got a Legendary Siren class mod yesterday (12th of July, in case you're in a country that's hours behind mine) from Bloodwing and I used it to do Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep with a friend TVHM. We had fun.

I must admit though the Minds Eye boost did help my second wind/kill revives.
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