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Geometry Dash or Impossible Game

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created 11/28/2015 6:47 pm by MonarchOfMadness
Do you like Geometry Dash or Impossible Game better? In my opinion, I like both the same.

(Released August 13, 2013) (Released November 23, 2009)
Geometry Dash: Impossible Game:
- Better Graphics (in my opinion) - Better Music (in my opinion)
- More Levels - Harder (makes it more fun for me)
- More obstacles - Less obstacles to learn each level

Here is some videos I made of each game (if you have never played either before):

Impossible Game:

Geometry Dash:

Personally, I like impossible game better, because I feel it is easier not to have to learn how to get past a new obstacle each game, and I feel the music sounds cooler. I also like how the levels are long and hard.
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