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Hytale freind fough

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created 01/12/2019 8:36 pm by Maxgorgi
P.S.: sry the inconvence i was about 2 hours late for the post but i am here now :)

Hytale is a game like minecraft made by the hypixel community with is the most popular minecraft "OnlineServer"
Hytale is such known as Minecraft 2 a game like minecraft but in the trailer on
Shows that it a game with block as ground as there are no circles as minecraft is but there are more mobs and the characters look
"More Alive".....

Now some people say Hyptale is a going to be amazing thing the "best game next to Minecraft/fortnite"
But What about the people with a miencraft account well minecraft Is just like hyptale but older and not as well graphics and not as many mobs ect. But mojang make new versions of minecraft such as 13.1 13.2 and coming out 14.1 and i hope they keep going.

BUT!!!!! We need to remember that Hyptale is going to have better graphics and other thing as i mentied so will OG minecraft players still play minecraft??? or will they play hyptale only?? and what about hyptale it may be better minecraft will minecraft still exicest or will it go away and no one speak of it agin???!!!!??!!!??!

Well i may have a Part 2 to this blog Only if it get 5+ diamonds well hope u guys/girls liked this blog and a part 2 will be made if 5 diamond is put on this blog well hope u liked and good night :)

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