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Telltale games goes bankrupt (Minecraft Story Mode)

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created 09/24/2018 3:54 am by ShelLuser
last reply 09/28/2018 8:27 am
Hi gang,

I heard the rumor while playing Minecraft and today I dug a little deeper into the story and found confirmation on Twitter:

Click here to see the announcement on Twitter for yourself.

It's a shame to see them go but on the other hand I also can't say I'm surprised to read this news either. I recently picked up Minecraft Story Mode part 1 on the PS3 (it was free) to confirm some of my suspicions and well... Although I do think it was a fun story it also didn't motivate me to pick up the rest of the series, for the simple reason that the game has 0 replay value. You go through the story, pass a few quicktime events and an optional puzzle and that's it. None of your choices will have any meaning because they won't change the outcome of the game, they're only used in some statistical overview at the end. Heck, your choices don't even influence the story in the least, making the whole experience pretty much a "one time play" only for me.

Of course it also didn't work in their favor that I couldn't help but notice how they managed to mix up dispensers with droppers. Droppers have a "smiley face" whereas dispensers have a round opening. So if you're going to use my favorite gaming environment then please do make sure to get your facts straightened out ;)

Still, one way or the other it's a shame to see how this ended. Because some of their other games have been pretty outstanding (or so I've been told}.

But yeah, if you enjoyed Minecraft story mode then unfortunately you won't be seeing any more episodes coming out.

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5 replies

09/28/2018 3:44 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Dragon
but at least we get the Minecraft story mode... right? ¯\_>w>_/¯
09/26/2018 2:30 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
:O No Season 3? :(
09/24/2018 10:41 am
Level 68 : High Grandmaster Cyborg
Interesting. I found it surprising to see your thread until I read that they let go of the majority of their employees and still have 25. It must have been exponentially stressful as the year of time went by keeping that many people employed while changing a companies direction with what sounds like relatively low supporting sales compared to what allowed them to grow to their peak size.

I wonder what direction they were trying to take the company?
09/28/2018 8:27 am
Level 52 : Grandmaster Terraformer
Not a good one, considering they apparently couldn't even give their 250-something fired employees severance pay.
09/24/2018 6:58 am
Level 43 : Master Pixel Puncher
It's kinda sad, but they diiiiid kinda put out more games than they should have.
So while it is sad, it's kind of their own fault. Sadly.

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