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[Debate/Discussion] URA Zelda: Majora's Mask or Master Quest

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created 09/26/2016 10:26 pm by Zelkia
URA Zelda has been the mystery in the Zelda fandom ever since the idea was cancelled. What was it? Did it ever come into development or even planning? How would it be different? And most importantly, What did it BECOME?

First, a little backstory. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was going to originally be released on the Nintendo 64 Disk drive, which would have played magnetic disks through a Sega-CD style attachment. Zelda 64 was quickly moved to Cartridge form, and there was to be an expansion for the Nintendo 64DD, under the working name, URA Zelda, which some think means Another. The attachment and the expansion were cancelled due to several delays causing loss of interest, and were only released in Japan, but got VERY close to release elsewhere. There's even been a United States 64DD found by MetalJesusRocks on Youtube! But back to the main point. No one knows what URA Zelda was.
People think one of two things- It either became Master Quest for the Gamecube, or Majora's Mask for the N64.

Now, i've decided to create a debate or discussion on this. What do you think Ura Zelda became, and for what reasons do you think it became that? I'm going to give my opinions on this here, and i'd love to hear all of yours.

Personally, i think it became Majora's mask for the simple reason that Majora's Mask is closer to an expansion, and not a simple re-release. Ura Zelda was to have a completely different story, and different areas, and that's exactly what Majora's Mask is. An Ocarina of Time with more quality of life changes, new areas, and a new story. It even has some of the ideas that were scrapped from Ocarina of Time- Namely, things like an Ice temple, which WAS going to be the Water Temple, or rather, the Ice Cavern. The game has a lot of content that is similar to Ocarina of Time, and expands on it, the very definition of an expansion. While i think some ideas were moved from Ura Zelda to Master Quest: Ocarina of Time, considering the few differences i believe Majora's Mask is 90% of URA Zelda.

I'd love to hear all your opinions! There's no criteria for this, so just say what you think! Personally, i'd prefer it if you could go into detail about why you think what you do, but i'll allow you to say what you think however. If you think that Master Quest is Ura Zelda simply because it IS still Ocarina of Time, unlike majora's mask, but don't think that's enough of a reason, then just tell me you think it's Master Quest that Ura became. I don't really care! I'd just like to see what you all think about this, and if any of you here know Ura Zelda or the Ocarina of Time beta at all! Well, if you read this or are going to reply with your opinion, i thank you. Well, i'm gonna get back to watching my Majora's Mask 3D let's play by PurpleRodri. #AdvertisingButNotReally
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