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What Should I Use For My Computer?

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created 12/28/2012 4:02 pm by awj001
last reply 12/28/2012 7:20 pm
I am building a computer but I'm torn between the operating systems . What one should I use?

Macintosh OS X:
My favorite operating system, but does it work on a computer that you built or does it require an apple computer?

Windows: I heard that it was an amazing gaming OS, but I have also seen some downsides. Plus, I don't like the new Windows 8 and older versions are, well, old.

Linux: I would want to use Ubuntu, but I am not very familiar with Linux. How does it do with gaming/general stuff?

If you could tell me what you recommend, that would be awesome. Just please don't let your opinions turn into arguments. Thanks!
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9 replies

12/28/2012 7:20 pm
Level 25 : Expert Network
Windows 8
12/28/2012 7:19 pm
Level 46 : Master Answer
Windows 7

Well.. Any Windows would do..

Even Linux would do..

Just no macintosh.. Pls?
12/28/2012 7:15 pm
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12/28/2012 7:13 pm
Level 29 : Expert Explorer
Windows 7, but windows 8 is very good too.
12/28/2012 4:34 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Kitten
Windows 8

Great with gaming, etc
its weird at first but when you get used to it its a lot easier to control and multitask compared to other operating systems. And it feels more natural to me than windows 7
12/28/2012 4:23 pm
Level 46 : Master Technomancer
Windows 7, it works with most games, and it's generally pretty reliable.
12/28/2012 4:22 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Geek
Either Ubuntu or Windows 7. Why?
Ubuntu because it's easier to run server, manage them, Multitask and what not. It also lags less and takes less time to load. On the other hand, it can also be a pain since you cannot play most .exe or flash and other games. Like TF2 and related, but you can play Minecraft. Also, it's very customize-able. If you get good at coding you can use the linux structure and make your own version of it too. Very handy.

Windows 7 because it has many features to provide you. It's a highly used OS, but do not go for Windows 8, as it will be a drag. It's been made for touch Screens, not for desktops with a mouse. (Lets just say it's a piece of shi*t when it comes to gaming)

But I favor Windows 7 or Ubuntu.
12/28/2012 4:26 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Goblin
You can play tf2 on Ubuntu and any other Linux. Steam has released a steam beta client for Linux. And Tf2 works with Ubuntu.
12/28/2012 4:10 pm
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