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Wifi Adapter Issues?

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created 03/07/2016 7:40 pm by CoolDude520
last reply 03/07/2016 8:29 pm
I've recently encountered issues with my USB Wireless adapter. I have a self build system, Running a GTX 970, and i5 4590, 8GB of ddr3 ram, a Gigabyte PC Mate H97 ATX mobo, all running a retail copy of Windows 10. My wireless adapter is a Amped Wireless UA230A, and i have been encountering connection stutters. What happens, whether browsing the internet, and more commonly in something such as a leauge of Legends game, my wireless cuts out, with the only solution being to unplug it and replug it. Usually it happens every 30 mins to 2 hours. I've checked other connections, updated my drivers from the site, switched USB ports from USB 2.0 to 3.0, and even tried it on a windows 8 computer, non of it solving the issue. I fear that i have a faulty adapter (The warranty is out ;-;). Any suggestions?

*Note* This just started to occur, so I'm not sure what could cause this to happen :/
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3 replies

03/07/2016 8:29 pm
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I had a similar problem with my WiFi adapter (different one).

I reinstalled drivers from a different date from their website, and checked sure that the model number matched the one online completely. It does seem like a driver issue.
03/07/2016 7:45 pm
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I have something similar and I re-installed the drivers and it fixed it.

Mine came with a driver installation disc so if you have one, I recommend re-installing it.

If you don't, just type Amped Wireless UA230A drivers into Google
03/07/2016 7:51 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Architect
Luckily, I have the disk stored away inside my desk behind my some old files. Let see if this works

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