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would people still play?

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created 09/22/2018 4:02 am by PlayaXD
last reply 09/23/2018 6:58 am
If i were to host a minecraft server but only keep it on sometimes during the week, and 8AM-9PM on weekends, would people still play, or would i have to buy out a 24/7 host. i just want to make a small server for now, and hopefully not have to buy a premium server out untill quite a while.
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09/23/2018 6:58 am
Level 9 Apprentice Dolphin
Nevermind! Better solution. i stripped everything out of my old laptop and turned it into a server which i keep on all the time. only problem is, i'm still only going to keep it on in the day (Much more frequently however) otherwise power bills will be insane
09/22/2018 6:36 am
Level 35 Artisan Engineer
It is pretty difficult to predict the future (anything could happen I suppose) but depending on the kind of players you're trying to attract you may end up having a hard time if you won't be available 24/7. See: server lists like the one we have on PMC (see link) are one of the primary features to attract new players.

Well, if you take a closer look you'll notice that PMC constantly checks if the server is still up and available, this helps players to decide whether their connection attempt is worth it or not. So now imagine that you'll be offline for most of the time: this will be noticed and that will drive some players away.

So if you plan on trying to attract random new players then yes: you're going to need the availability.
09/22/2018 10:28 am
Level 51 Grandmaster Grump
Schedules DO work for other things. The best example I can come up with is streamers that have a set stream schedule. People know when they're gonna be one and come to watch at the same time.

However, this typically only works when you have an established viewer base. People finding them randomly are likely to find them when they're not streaming and don't typically say "oh, they have a stream schedule. I'll come back when they're on". They just find someone else to watch.

I think this same generalization holds true to Minecraft servers. Unless you have some insanely unique concept to pitch, which most people don't, you'll probably want to get a 24/7 host.
09/22/2018 5:11 pm
Level 11 Journeyman Network
From my experience, 24/7 servers work a lot better. I personally use a host (until I migrate to a paid host) that gives a good amount of Memory, but you have to update it every 2 hours. What I like about this host is that other players can also renew the time of it
09/22/2018 10:23 am
Level 29 Expert Taco
Well im sure some people would, but im sure a lot more would if you made it 24/7. I think that because for people in different time zones, that would be like only at night or only half the day.




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