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[₱Đ_]- 1.13.2 Non-decayable Leaves ID? [In Need Of Help]

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created 11/14/2018 4:50 am by PsychoticDaze_
last reply 11/15/2018 2:36 pm
Hello there!
So I'm working on some custom trees currently in 1.13.2 & I'm having a
few issues with the new ID's.

I was wondering if there is a way to get Non-decayable leaves still?
Specifically Spruce leaves.

(P.S. Sorry if the text is hard to read I figured it would be fitting due to the whole tree thing)

What I have so far is /give PsychoticDaze_ spruce_leaves{persistent:true}
(Gives non-decayable)

But I need something along the lines of

//replacenear diamond_block spruce_leaves|{persistent:true}
NOTE: This command does NOT
give non-decayable
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11/15/2018 2:36 pm
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Nitrox Nova
Hi there! the replacenear is a worldedit command, which I do not use, but you are able to do this in vanilla with the following:

/fill ~-5 ~ ~-5 ~5 ~5 ~5 spruce_leaves[persistent=true] replace minecraft:diamond_block

this will change all the diamond blocks within 5 blocks of your position to persistent spruce leaves




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