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Advice about shaders on Low-End

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TheEquin0x started 03/26/2020 9:41 am
So if you want to download shaders, you're gonna need optifine. Preview Optifine doesn't support shaders, so as of right now I recommend using 1.14.4 because its practcally the same as 1.15.2.

Sildurs shaders are good but are broken with most mods and for some reason bugs out with non naturally placed water and beds.

Use BSL shaders as they're beautiful and easy to run. Optimise all settings to fast and change chunk render to 5, which is a middle range. If your building a big base only go up to 15 max.

Continuum is beautiful but insanely buggy. If you can run Continuum clean, use the stratum shader pack. It is beautiful.

But for shaders on Low-End PCs, if for some reason sildurs shaders works, get sildurs shaders medium, its the best. Use KUDA, it's alright, mildly laggy. But I recommend BSL shaders. (if you do have a low end pc don't even try SEUS PTG)

Stratum texture pack is BEAUTIFUL but really really really laggy, I can't stress that enough.

If it is still laggy use Bare Bones Or Hefts for a resource pack. They make everything more simple.



Any questions ask in comments. :D
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