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Care to check out my music?

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created 12/24/2011 9:23 pm by panhead86
Hey there! As some of you know, I'm an electronica musician by the name of "Aviators", and I'm always experimenting with new sounds and types of music.

I had another thread about my newly released album, "Reflections of a Dream", but I decided to start a new thread so that I can post brand new songs, remixes, demos, and crap like that. I'm always looking for some constructive criticism, so if you have feedback of any kind, speak your mind!

Okay, so to get started off, I just finished a demo for a song called "Haunt Me". It's nowhere near finished, but it's my first attempt at dubstep, and I wanted to get some feedback instead of going at it on my own. Here's a link:

Thanks you guys.

And if you wanna check out some of my other stuff and keep up to date, here's my YouTube channel:
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