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Developer Needed

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created 06/19/2019 9:23 pm by CHIPEATER
last reply 07/11/2019 6:23 am
Introduction: Hello, My username in Minecraft is CHIPEATER but a lot of my friends call me by my steam name, Leroy. Anyways, I am wanting to open a Minecraft server but need a developer to help me set up everything.

About myself: I've run numerous servers within GMod and with that, I am quite knowledgeable when it comes to managing and running a server through the day to day actions. With these years of experiance, I have familiarized myself with how the coding works withing GMod. Unfortunately, GMod and Minecraft use separate coding styles making my transition into hosting a Minecraft server quite difficult.

Needs: I need someone that understands the setup process of a Minecraft Bukkit Server running factions as well as several other plugins. Any support is better than none, so if you have any experience with this please let me know.

Additional Info: My team and I are willing to put up some money to get the setup 100% complete, once the job is done we will part ways or discuss taking you on as a designated Developer for our server.
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07/11/2019 6:23 am
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  I am a 17-year-old college student earning my BS in Computer Programming at GCU. I am moderately experienced in java and can help you create this server of yours. If you are interested in more information please contact me via discord @ 4bits#5513 . Thanks!

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