Fallout MineCraft: Dead State

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Fallout MineCraft: DeadState

Welcome to the new outpost in a new forum i have done my best to bring this from the minecraftforums.com so please try to do your best navigating threw the forum also alot of key info can only be found at the Minecraftforums. (Like Videos) I bolded sections that would be bolded on the official forum! The Dead State Is happy to be here at planetminecraft.(Move this thread if its in a incorrect location, Sorry im having difficulties navigating the forums here.)

The map can be purchased at the 34% completion for cheap 1.50 or you can buy a subscription to the map were everytime i complete the map by percetiles of 10 likr 60%, 70% Etc, you will recieve a download link for those version, also you wiill recieve the 2nd dlc that comes out for the map for free. So Subscribe while its on sale!(Visit the website for info)


Official MineCraft Forum:

Heres a video Showing off the website!

( To view the video please go to the minecraftforum of ths map, The link can be found at the top. )

---A Change In Venue---

Zunuf has given me tha a okay to make the next map of the fallout series! For those who dont know who Zunuf is, he is the maker of the first fallout map. He has given me permission to pick up on his series, because he never planned to take the fallout minecraft into a series. He is currently working on a new SECRET awsome project that will take forever but when its done... OH YEAH! How do i know him you ask? Well i talk with him via skype alot and we are good friends now. He is constantly giving me great ideas for the new map and is just a huge help in general! So no one say i "Stole his idea" because he has given me premission to do so! If you would like to see his maps trailer it will be below this!(I suggest downloading it!)

Heres Zunufs trailer for the first fallout map, I take no credit for this:

50% Release Trailer Coming Soon(FULL Version Trailer)!

( To view the video please go to the minecraftforum of ths map, The link can be found at the top. )

---Whats New In The Fallout World?---

Well im not going to tell you everything that is made that ruins the fun of exploring the HUGE map, BUT i will inform you on its completion rate on a percentile rate! Recently i picked up were i left off so now the completion is around 25%, Even though i ahve done ALOT already. The biggest change in the maps from the 1st fallout minecraft to the second map will be the SIZE!! The size of the second map blows the first one away by 100 to 1 lol (It may be a little over drematic but its HUGE). If you would like to see how big exactly, take a look at the video below!

Heres the video i made to see the size differences

( To view the video please go to the minecraftforum of ths map, The link can be found at the top. )

---Whats going to be kept?---

Well since i played the 1st map i LOVED it. Playing online was my favorite part of playing it though, even though the map wasnt really big enouph for it. Which is one of the main reasons why i am making the new map so much bigger. I am going to keep only a few things because i dont want to make the experince to be "Were did he put the valcanoe with a skull at the abse of it at??" I want it to be like "WOW what is that! And why is there so many zombies around it!!" Heres a list of things that will be kept there may be pictures below in a spoiler to see what i mean.(Pictures in spoiler)

1. The obsidian roads, Why? Because it does look like a road, it will be 6-7 blocks long.
2. Keeping the wire posts, Why? Because i think it make the areas look "Complete"
3. Lakes? Well yes BUT mine will be placed by me because i drained all the water. :]
4. The diamond set of armor and tools to find!(But will take WAY longer to find them all)
5. No Ores in the ground, The point of the fallout map is to live with what you can scavange not mine.

---Staying Updated---

Reading the "Changelog" section will tell you of new things i have added but it will NOT say everything i have added, For example it may say, "Added 1 more city" maybe it will state the name and its size. Keeping an eye on the precentage chart can also tell you how long before its released or how much precentage has bin completed! It may also key you off on what will be added to the map. Also with those 2 things said the map will have 5 release dates BUT only 3 will be open to the public(Read how can i help section). These are unkown to me because i havnt completed enouph to know yet. But these 5 dates will be,

1. The 25% Alpha Testing, This will only be when the total map completion hits 25% and the only people that will be allowed to test it will be a group of people that i have picked. IF you would like to try and take part in this testing go to the section below this called "How can i help".
2. The 50% Beta Release, This will be given to the public to keep everyone busy while ill finish the last 50%. It will Only keep 50% of the game and SHOULDNT count as the actual map what so every because there will be many uncomplete things BUT atleast you can see whats going to be made!
3. The 75% Pre-Release Testing, Agian this will only be for the team of people i picked and who applyed for the 25% testing.This release will almost be everything the other 25% will be me adding in extra stuff to make the map look more smooth and so on.
4. The 100% Actual Release, This release will be for everyone! This will be the much wanted map to many!
5. The 125%+ Release, This(These) releases will firstly add the 1st fallout map to the second map, If i get Zunufs aprovel. And then after that i will start adding smaller things that will be given to the public weekly. :] New things like a Texturepack 1st, then a GUI mod to go with it, Like zombiecraft for instance. And then I have bin thinking to add it to the great mod "AdventureCraft" And after that well idk yet

---How Can I Help?---

I guess your reading this because your interested in being a 25% and 75% release tester for the maps. This is a huge commitment for me to give you and to trust you wont distribute it(Read the liscense and Punishments section). With that said if you want to apply to be a 25% Alpha tester then this is what you havt to do, Simply go into singleplayer and make a Fallout styled building Or area, Town for example. Then 7zip it or archive it and send me a download link for it and then you will be sent a message saying thanks for helping youll be notified if you passed soon. Youll be given a message around 1-3 days later, More then likely one depending on how fast i read your message and when i do. Also there will only be aroun 10-25 testers because of the risk it could be given to the public. Which if happens read section"Licesne and punishment". Also these teams will never change so if your kicked out of testing your place isnt taken so we lose 1 tester. This will test your Trust for the 75% release testing. Also I have added a video of becoming a tester below :](Video). Also if however building isnt your taster you may fill out and leave a comment of this basic application, Although applications are harder to pass because you didnt make anything for me in return. BUT testers are needed so heres the application below.(In Spoiler)

Basic Aplication for 25% and 75% testsers:

Leave a comment of your
In game minecraft name:
Skype Name:(I have skype and talk via it all the time)
When Can you talk on skype:
Do you accept the user agreement in the spiler at the buttom, Stating that you as a tester will not distribute the 25% Alpha or 75% pre release and are aware of the punishment if either is distributed: (Yes or no)
Do you have a youtube:
Can you make or have the skills with working with a texture pack?(This is optional):
Anything else youd liked to say here:

Texture pack Aplication for 25% and 75% testsers:

Use the application of basic then add these sections onto it if you think you could or have a texturepack that you can dedciate to the map, OR If you think you can make Complete new texture pack!
Add options below:
I have a texture pack for the fallout minecraft series(Yes/No):
The texture pack is Mine(Yours)(Yes/No)
Include a texture pack picture:(This will help yuor apllication pass threw)
Will you allow the team assembled to make changes to it?(I will be putting togather a team for the texturepack):

Trailer Aplication for 25% and 75% testsers:
Add these sections onto the basic application if you think you have the skills to make a trailer for the new fallout minecraft map.(See below)
I can make a trailer for the new map, PROFESSIONLY.(Yes/No):
I Will allow the team for the trailer to add the ideas to it aswell(If agreed)(Yes/No):
I Will let xxxtrigger50xxx Define the trailer and try to make it as acurate as possible, BUT this wont be do this and do that, just what song to use etc.(Yes/No)
I Will allow xxxtrigger50xxx to post the video on his youtube channel as well because its the least i can do for him making the map in all(Yes/No):
Remember the above isnt manditory, BUT most options will help you get threw if ansered yes, :]

The Applications above will be responded to faster if posted on the minecraftfroums or the website.

( To view the video please go to the minecraftforum of ths map, The link can be found at the top. )

---The Testing Team---

There is currently 18/25 testers so far, If your on poral your in danger of being kicked.

1. xxxtrigger50xxx~ Leader Of The Fallout Project
2. Laxbrowski~ Wingman
3. Pesgores~ Good tester
4. NinjaSmurf ~ Trailer maker
5. Mikeambrose3~HeadServerAdmin
6. Open Slot
7. Open Slot
8. Open Slot
9. Bud3w5~ Spoke 1 day to turn in
10. Open Slot
11. kzour ~ Rook
12. legitButFalse ~ Head Texture Packer
13. shradowlord ~ Met
14. Thedap24 ~ Rook
15. Jamjar ~ Met
16. rsgelhar ~ Met
17. Blodymaryman ~ Newcomer

---Testing Team Tasks---

IF you are on the testing team please read this section often!

We are in need of "Textures" for the new map release,
We are in need of a "Gui change" Meaning for example, "FalloutCraft" were miencraft is at in the menu, Also changing the mojang sign to something with fallout minecraft, Along with other cool things.
We are in need of SKYSCRAPERS and high demand of Fallout styled buildings that you make your own.
We are in need of Side quest story lines, (I will be doing the main quest alone to keep it secret).
We are in need of a TRAILER(This may not be open unless you have achieved the save or waited for the 25% release.

Doing any of these will give you a better spot in the credits and make your way to the Vault boy tester skins, (These are Custom skins made by me with your vault number, As a tester you will get your own vault and inside it there will be something there in tribute to you, Although finding the vaults may be hard) Testers who do this may also get the opertunity to get the map RAW, Meaning i could give you the save i have right NOW. Wich you can do youtube videos on with he exclusion of "Lets plays" More like trailers that will be posted here! This will be great for the team! Also the team is getting bigger and bigger each day! Soon we will hit our max!

---Old Poll---

Heres a picture of our old poll! The 2 winners of our poll are
1. The vote for a new name, The winner is "Fallout Minecraft: DeadState"
2. The vote for what you want in the new map, the winner is "A Storyline"
A new poll is up so please revote on what you want!
Old Poll Results:

---Concept Area---

These videos will not be designed for Video Quality, its meant for mood and information. I could MAKE A BETTER video for these but these need to be made quickly due to me making the map and all lol, plus we have many team members working on trailers. And no this isnt a trailer.

Concept: 1(Mood)

( To view the video please go to the minecraftforum of ths map, The link can be found at the top. )

FanMade Trialer, This was made in a short time so no critisim!
I didnt make this, NinjaSmurf did!: 1(Teaser trailer)

( To view the video please go to the minecraftforum of ths map, The link can be found at the top. )


I have decided to start making a list of challenges for the map here!
Though the map itself isnt out, this will give everyone a chance to say a challenge they think would be worth achiveing.

1. Always go threw tunnels never around them.(INSANE)
2. Find All Crops And Grow Them.(INSANE)
3. Find The Diamond Armor Set.(INSANE)
4. Find The Diaomnd Tool Set.(INSANE)
5. Create A House, But Not Inside A Place Thats Already Been Built.(Hard)
6. Make The House Have A Top, Bottom, And 3 Other Rooms.(Hard)
7. Discover Every "Epic" Structure(HARD)
8. Adventure EveryPart Of The Map.(Normal)
9. Restore 1 City And 1 Vault.(Normal)
10. Finish The Storyline(Normal)
11. Play On Normal At All Times(Normal)
12. Always have moody lighting.(Easy)
13. Always have your brightness to the lowest.(Easy)
14. Make A House Inside A Tunnel.(Easy)
15. Make A Enchantment Table(Hard)


The Fallout MineCraft Server will be a dedicated server.
The main world will be featuring the complete 125% map release.
After some time of just that map being played new fallout maps will be open.
Their will be Fallout World 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. Eventully well add "Normal" Maps. But that will be something of a different time.

There will be Factions. The factions will start on a new world
(Fallout minecraft deadstate) and will then claim their land. And then after the faction has become strong enouph in numbers and settlements, it can then war other factions.

Factions include:
1. NCR
2. Legion
3. Brotherhood of Steel
4. The Enclave
5. Powder Gangers
6. The Great Khans
7. The Outcast
8. The Raiders(There Will be many types of raiders)
9. Others will be added

Each faction will have a certain starting area with its own unique features. These include for example the Powder Gangers Will start by an area that has tnt and gunpowder. The brotherhood and outcast will start with some steel armor. And the Enclave will start with a pre made base.

These factions will decide amoung them selves what type of government they should be.
Governments would be like "Monarchs" Lead by a king and his wing of high archs. Dictatorship, Do what the boss says or your dead. Or even a democracy. Others to, But keep in mind the first of players to join will have the most power because they already have a head start and will have a higher access to starting there faction off weather they make great decesions and lead there faction to the top to were they can settle a barren land and dominate the other factions, OR lead the faction to the ground and destryoing its exsistince.

Now yes when you hear me speaking like this you think PVP?!?!
The answer is yes pvp! There will be restrictions of course! Pvp is allowed but under these starting circumstances, A faction has to go threw stages first before it can attack another faction or be attacked by another faction.
These stages will be something along the lines of
1. The Rebuilding Age(Rebuilding from the wastes, You cannot be attacked in this age; Fighting among factions isnt aloud if a faction is only in this age)
2. The Exspansion Age(A Faction may be aloud to leave its dried up area for a new area to expand;Depending on the faction it may qualify to fight or be fought)
3. The Settlement Age(Begin to take over multiple areas on the fallout map; Most Factions can be fought by now)
4. The Empire Age (A Faction Now can begin to Exsterminate Enemys from the map; ALL Factions can be exterminated now when a single factions hits this age)
5. The Revolutionary Age (Depending on the factions government this is the only time for its people to retaliate.; This age will reset the age back to 3 of the empire that has been revolted)
5(2). The Great War (When other factions are defeated there people will return to other factions (Not the one who defeated them ; ALL out war everyfaction has no protections.) This will make other factions stronger or weeker. Making huge wars.

Griefing is allowed in the ages 3 and above if the faction is allowed to be fought(Because some factions will be protected longer due to their faction bonus. Stealing is allowed in ages 2 and above. Ages will take a long time to progress and will require a strong comunnity to maintain a strong government and empire. Also with that said, there is no global chat. Messengers and other military moves will have a high risks and news will spread slowly. If an empire wins as the last faction standing or a max 1 other allied victory, then the empire will be given a bonus into the next fallout world, BUT the losing factions will join the world before the winning empire giving them a head start balancing out the losers to the winner.

Also leaders of a faction will need to try to be nice to the peers, because withought them were shall they have a army? And civilians for his/her empire.
This is the basic idea so far behind the Server. THIS WILL CHANGE ALOT!!!

---The Texture Pack!---

The New And Improved texture pack! Iu official first texture packer has been working hard on this! He predicts it will be 100% complete within 2-5 days (My estimate). Heres some pictures below, he's ver talented with art and this only shows a little of what he can do! Keep in mind we still are taking in other texture packs so submit yours!

ALL IMAGES BELOW are off set because of the move to planet minecraft, if you would like to see them perfectly go to the mincraftforum.(Link Above)
OutCast Power Armor:

New Zombie's:

New Textures City View:

Texture 2 Plane?!:

Old Texture Stuff below:
Click to reveal
The texture pack for the map and the series itself has just bin launched, i spent 1-2 hours on this part sacrifcing map making time but oh well. Now you can download the Texture pack below, Right now its on the GUI im working on, NOT textures! YET. The team right now is lazy, not helping me out with most team tasks so i havt to take this upon myself.. BUT anyways look in the spoiler below and youll see 2 pictures that pretty cool.

Download Link:



I have walked and walked.. For days and days.. every night the Moon comes up to look over the dim world left for me to walk upon... I have seen every city.. every town... every rock around the corner.. I have walked these roads for the longest time.. They never end.. All of it.. Is dead and the world i lived before.. has no chance to sprout out agian.. I live in the united states.. I live in a state, But this state..
Is a Dead State

This is my response to the title Fallout MineCraft:Dead State.. This prologue may change ALOT.. But so far this is the main character YOU will play as. The story line to dead state so far, After the Prolouge you will awake in a vault, Comepletly throwing you off track BUT thats what i want, YOU as the "Man" Have no memory, But the note in your hand(Prolouge). This note, Gives you an idea of who you are, BUT this story will be about finding out who you really are, Now no im not making the story line similar to "Vegas". As the "Man" You know nothing, the note tells you What you "DID" know.. But the not is ripped at the end, Why? These questions will constantly come across your mind as you play the much awaited "Storyline". The story line will be "ROCKIN" i promise you that!


The Character names officialy
Emileana- The "The Mans" wife. His first and beloved wife
Emile- The "The Mans" Child. His first and only child. He Would go to the end for his child.
" The Man"- You, You are the man. His name. Is unknown.. Finding it is a huge puzzle.

The storyline right now is about 5% Complete total and is really sad and long. You will never read a character so lost and have such a confusing and tormenting past as he has.
The story is all about your family, Your wife and your child. Your child is what will keep your character alive. It is what sparks hope for your character, it is what keeps him alive.

The mood is sad, the nights are long, the days a quick and the war is never ending.
Here is a sneak peak at one of the flashbacks! "Warning you may be sad"

"We quickly went to the lobby. Only to find soilders in these strange uniforms. They did not speak english they had a translator tell us..

You as the america citizens will not be allowed to survive. It is because of your country that we are doomed. It is because of all of your actions that you will not survive! It is you the people of this country who will die!
The speaker was saying this with anger of a never eneding burning fire of hate. His eyes were death itself.

They told the men to go to the right of the lobby and the women and children to the right.

They started to take the children and carry them out the vault door.. I could only imagin what there doing. When i realised they were taking.. Emile.. I lashed out running towards the vault entrence to get her but the gaurds pushed me down and one pointed his rifle at me, The other guard said something not english of course.. But its like he said "Dont kill him" "Let him suffer by seeing his daughter be taken away from him.

They were right..."

Thats only about half of the flashback :] dont want to spoil to much!


Thanks to our talented artist NinjaSmurf Were can present 4 new banners to show your support!
Also All of the picture have the IMG code for your signature! Just copy and past it from the spoiler into your signature!
Picture 1(Fallout Classic Bright):


Picture 2(Fallout Classic Dark):

Picture 3(Lone Wonderer):

Picture 4(Lone Wonderer V2)

Picture 5(Brotherhood Protector of the Capital Wasteland)

[font="Arial Black"]---News?---[/font]


With the map progress steadily going up by atleast 1-5 % Each day the map is hoped to be relased as a 50% release to the public in 29 days and counting!
Also with the storyline coming along we finally see some characters of the map and part of who they are.
The texture pack section will be updated soon by our head texture pack artist, LegitButFalse is making tremandous strides in the texture pack! From the textures all the way to the cool OutCast Power Armor! Also a strange type of endermen!
Also you may notice ill be including dates on some entrys now!
Another cool fact, I added the first diamond tool to the map!
Team member comment on your feedback of the map and keep the comments rolling!
Also a new "Epic" Structure has been created, "Little Hoover". He towers over the land between 2 mountians and is in tact.

A brand new poll has been added to the fallout minecraft map. Make sure to vote while you can! the next poll will be posted when the 50% is out!
The map now has a official name! "Fallout MineCraft: DeadState"
Also a texture pack is being started. Im debating weather to keep working on it.(poll)
A new section for previous polls has been added!
Also removed two sections.
I am off brake from the map FOR REAL THIS TIME lol.
so map progress may begin.


1. Added road leading off of little hoover.
2. Added Little Hoover Apartments
3. Added "Field Of Heros"
4. Added New Road Section
5. Added "The Estate Apartment"
6. Added Misc. Buildings
7. Fixed Alot Of infinate health armor bugs
8. Added Alot Of enviroemnt items (Trees, Lakes, etc)
9. Polished the map up a little bit
10. Making the Break for the north.
1. Added Large strip of roads
2. Some Misc buildings created or areas.
3. Little Hoover Made :] Pretty awsome!
4. Added a vault
5. Beefed Up the storyline, Created charaters, storyline base etc.
1. Finished a huge building "Robtic BottleCap Factory"
2. Finished "Sin"
3. Added A Bridge
4. Added a MASSIVE strip of roads to build off of
5. Fixed some bugs
6. Finished Area Concerning "A" City

1. Finished the Second City, Brim Haven.
2. Added another Vault.
3. Added Another "Area" Its so cool i dont want to say.
4. Added a REALLY long tunnel.
5. Added a hole new stretch of roads and posts.
6. Added the first "Choo-Choo"(You guess:p)
7. Added the 1st Terminal for the main SIDE Quest("G.E.C.K")
8. Started Texture Pack "Fallout MineCraft"
9. Added new mojang symbol for texture pack
10. Added new Backgroun that pans around like the 1.8 version! (REALLY COOL)
11. Changed texture of rain to greenish rain, (Wondering if i should make rain a cloud of green to represent radiation storms. Like a green fog that you havt to go inside to get good vision back.
12. Added some new texture pictures, You can now see Uncle Sam, Nuka Cola Poster and the Vault Boy.
13. Added A texture pack.png with a description.
14. The Main Quests Story line has bin paved, And im pretty sure many will enjoy this! Just like fallout 3 your choices change your pathway in the story line!
15. 20% Completion!
16. Added 2 new Vaults.
17. Released a public server for smp, anything goes.(No sp for public only testers)
18. 25% Testers release

Click to reveal
V0.23 Changes/add ons
1. Finished the main city layout just need to fill the buildings with funriture, items etc.
2. Added another big tunnel underground but short, Maybe not finished yet, I think it is i may go back to it in the future.
3. Added small segments of roads branching off into my new direction.

V0.2 Changes/add ons
1.Added around 3-5 miles of roads.
2.Added the first City Jacinto,(medium in size) (Signifcant Feature: Mall)
3.Added the first Town, Dust, (Mediumish small town) (BiomeTown)
4.Added first starting vault which resambles the one from the 1st map just bigger and cooler layout!
5.Added a dead forest, Lake, Some misc Buildings, Wire posts by roads.
6.Increased Completion to 7%(Working on it all day today after i finish this post)
7.New updates should bring it to around 15% when i finish the new MASSIVE city, im thinking about calling it jacinto and renaming the smaller one something else
8. Added some worn out sign for example : We come to Jacinto= Welcome to Jacinto
9. Added a HUGE area that will remain unamed because of its awsomeness!
10. Heres some new pictures below of some of the new added things!
11. Added the new city, Not complete yet but will be tommarow.
12. Added another area(Actully was added awhile ago)
13. Added Another stretch of roads with posts

---Percentages---(Recently Updated)

~ This section will change alot~

(Total Progress) - 34%% Complete
[Cities 6-8] - 22% Complete
[Towns 6-8] - 21% Complete
[Vaults 10-20] - 15% Complete
[Structures] - 15% Complete
[Areas] - 35% Complete
[Miscalaneous Str.] - 20% Complete
[Ore Strip] - 100% Complete
[Wasteland Touch] - 100% Complete
[Distribution of items] - 25% Complete(Doubled)
[Storyline] - 15% Complete
[Enviornment] - 32% Complete
[Gui Inprov] - 45% Complete
[Trailer] - 50% Complete
[Texture Pack] - 90% Complete
[Map Polish] - 10% Complete

This map is Copyrighted by CC. (It is manditory to Copyright i threw the minecraft forums Before you can post anything concerning a map). Remmeber do not try to steal Zunufs/My ideas on the Title Fallout Minecraft, We(Rather I) will take legal actions.
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